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We see innovation as a cooperative process that reaches beyond organizational boarders.

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Success is a matter of getting the right things done. Consider Innovation Projects (CIP) focuses on Additive Manufacturing, Blockchain Technology and IT Security. The projects we run in these three areas have a great potential to create highly relevant product and services innovations. We see innovation as a more and more cooperative process that reaches beyond organizational boarders. Therefore, we are always interested in getting to know new partners who are interested in teaming up with us to create the future. Consider Innovation Projects (CIP) is a brand of consider it plc.

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Key Technologies

Additive Manufacturing

3D-printing will substantially change the way we produce and will also lead to major changes in our global supply chains.

Blockchain Technology

With Blockchain Technology cryptography turns from a mainly defensive measure against hackers and eavesdropping into an enabler for a whole new range of business models.

IT Security

State-of-the-art cryptographic solutions offer a high level of security if they are implemented correctly.

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