Success is a matter of getting the right things done. Consider Innovation Projects (CIP) focuses on Additive Manufacturing, Blockchain Technology and IT Security. The projects we run in these three areas have a great potential to create highly relevant product and services innovations. We see innovation as a more and more cooperative process that reaches beyond organizational boarders. Therefore, we are always interested in getting to know new partners who are interested in teaming up with us to create the future. Consider Innovation Projects (CIP) is a brand of consider it plc.

Additive Manufacturing

3D-printing will substantially change the way we produce and will also lead to major changes in our global supply chains. We focus on combining the flexibility in forms that can be printed (eg bionic forms) with the attributes of composite materials. For this purpose, we are developing new printing procedures together with strong industrial and academic partners.

Blockchain Technology

With Blockchain Technology cryptography turns from a mainly defensive measure against hackers and eavesdropping into an enabler for a whole new range of business models. We will see the machine and crypto-economy rising throughout the years to come. We contribute to that development with projects dealing with license management for 3D-printing and applications of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management.

IT Security

State-of-the-art cryptographic solutions offer a high level of security if they are implemented correctly. Succeeding in this field will be mission-critical for the Internet of Things in its whole bandwidth of applications. We follow a security-by-design approach and consider IT-Security right from the beginning of development projects.

Innovationforum Blockchain

In Germany, a large number of companies are examining the possibilities of blockchain technology. In addition to a strong startup community, companies from the financial industry, energy, logistics and a number of other industries have decided to evaluate the impact of blockchain technology on their respective business model. However, there is still a great gap between technological possibilities and economically viable applications, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Networks like Innovationforum Blockchain can contribute to generating cooperative benefits for all stakeholders and society in such early stages of technological developments.

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Blockchain based autonomous processes for Industrie 4.0 based on Smart Contracts

Negotiation and conclusion of contracts in automated value networks is one of the key challenges to leverage the potential of Industry 4.0. For Germany alone, an additional value potential of 78 billion € is expected to result from the transformation to a digitized economy until 2025. One of the central hypotheses in this field is that value creation processes of supply and demand must be enabled to flexibly connect and contract with each other in an automated way. This refers to much more than mere data exchange. A major potential lies in significantly reducing the “trust tax”. This includes complex contractual agreements – also known as Smart Contracts – that will need to be established between cyber physical systems. Smart Contracts can be built on a technology called blockchain and enable “self-executing contractual states” and eliminate the risk of relying on others to follow through on their commitments.

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SICOS – Securing Initial Coin Offering

SICOS is the legal-tech venture of consider it. consider it is a part of the SICOS foundation that aims to assist blockchain startups to raise funding from the market through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). SICOS will provide an internet platform which will connect the startup founders with lawyers based in Luxembourg and Switzerland. SICOS will assist the startup founders in structuring their ICO offering.

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TRUDI – True Device Identity

TRUDI bridges the gap between Blockchains and the real world. Since blockchains are deterministic systems, their ability to work reliably is limited to themselves. This problem is particularly evident in the case of autonomously operating cyber physical systems such as the programmable economy. By identifying participants via asynchronous key pairs, Blockchains can not verify whether or not the actions of a device are executed by the same. If the private key required for the authentication process gets into the hands of a third party, the latter is interpreted as an owner and permits unrestricted access. In addition, tampering with the device can not be excluded. Thus, there is currently a need for trust in the origin and correctness of external data. TRUDI solves the problem by a Proof-of-Design for Semiconductors linked to a trust anchor that have to be created only once. Proof-of-Design guarantees compliance with chip layouts.

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SAMPL – Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform

SAMPL is a consortium project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the PAiCE program with the aim of developing an end-to-end security solution for additive manufacturing processes like 3D printing. The solution secures the entire process, from creating the digital 3D print data to exchanging the data and printing it on specially protected 3D printers right through to tagging the printed components using RFID chips or other methods that ensure traceability.

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